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About Us

Our Story

Owned by a group of talented professional women, Finesse has served Ames and our surrounding communities for over 60 years as the first full service spa salon in the area. We’ve celebrated past honors when recognized as the “Best of Story County” for our expertise in hair care and massage therapy. Offering professional skin therapy, nail care, and body waxing supports our belief that when you visit Finesse, “It’s not just a cut!”


We take pride in supporting our community and feel a deep commitment to give back. Our staff has had the opportunity to participate in several local causes. We support our community because our community supports us!

Our Team

Meet Our Stylists

Our experienced team is committed to nothing short of excellence. We are proud members of the professional beauty industry, continually looking for ways to better our skills and learn new techniques. When you visit us, our friendly, helpful staff will answer your questions and make suggestions on how to best serve you.

Owner & Stylist

Andrea Kneifl

My passion is cutting hair. I love short hair, textured hair and all varieties of bobs. Being a part of this ever evolving industry and business is very rewarding. I truly enjoy working with our wonderful team as we continue to grow and evolve in the industry that we love.

Owner & Stylist

Dawn Marie Walstrom

Helping people grow is a true passion of mine. I love working with guests and teammates to help them achieve their goals and continue to thrive. I find it important to provide a positive culture so our salon professionals can live their best life and help the next generation do the same. Seeing this growth and inspiring people is a very rewarding experience.

Owner & Stylist

Linda Lohman

This industry has provided me with an outlet to express my creativity. I enjoy creating new looks for my guests and helping them achieve all of their hair goals. I have had the pleasure of learning from some of the lead industry educators and I love to continue to grow and learn to provide an exceptional service for my guests.

Owner & Stylist

Calie Van Zwol

I love to learn about the latest trends and techniques to take my guest’s experience to the next level. I enjoy working with textured hair and providing my guest with a full consultation and seeing our concept come to life. I enjoy coaching and mentoring teammates to help provide them with different perspectives and techniques so we can all grow and thrive in our industry.

Owner, Stylist & Esthetician

Mallory Bunkers

While I enjoy the creativity that my job allows, my greatest pleasure is being able to spend time with people. I enjoy getting to know them and having the ability to take care of all of their needs. Knowing that I was able to make a difference in their life in ways big or small, makes every day very rewarding. I thrive in a team based atmosphere and feel our culture helps to grow my passion in this industry. I always look forward to providing a new look for guests or to simply allow for some relaxation leaving them feeling renewed and refreshed.

Stylist & Owner

Jamie Hetland

Education is very important to me. I love learning new trends and teaching them to our team at Finesse Spa Salon. I really enjoy razor cutting and providing a total look with new cuts and colors. I love working with people and making them look and feel their best. I am passionate about growing our team at the salon to help them thrive in the industry that we all love.

Esthetician & Hydrofacialist

Brittany Johnson

I love having the ability to transform someone’s skin. It is so rewarding to see them feel comfortable and confident with their skin and appearance. This industry allows me to educate my guests and improve the overall health of their skin. I really enjoy corrective work in my skin care services. These services such as
microdermabrasion or chemical peels allow my guests to see and feel results sooner. Being able to see my guests skin transform is something that fuels my passion as I continue to grow and master my skill in this industry.

Esthetician & Hydrofacialist

Wendy Lensmeyer

I am passionate about skin care. I enjoy working with my guests to provide them with a blend of in spa services and home routines to help their skin look and feel its best. I really enjoy coaching and mentoring our spa team. This opportunity helps us to learn and grow from one another to provide exceptional services to our guests.


Gina Weber

My teammates give me so much inspiration. I love to learn from them and use that knowledge to continue to grow in my career. I enjoy all blonding services and take pride in seeing my guests’ color goals come to life all while providing a great service experience.

Stylist, Esthetician & Hydrofacialist

Juan Leng

The greatest part about my job is being able to meet new people and help them reach their hair and skin goals. With having 25 years of experience in this industry, I have met so many wonderful people and continue to enjoy every minute.


Kassie Wieberg-Hansen

What I love about this industry is the ability to create meaningful connections with my guests. I enjoy creating new looks with dimensional color or a new style but most of all I enjoy getting to know people and making them feel their best. Having curly hair myself, I love working with curls and customizing products to get the best results. Communication and connection are important to me and I am able to use both to continue to grow in my career.

Stylist & Hair Extension Artist

Kira Clouser

I love learning from industry leaders. This education allows me to continue to grow and provides me with new ways to accomplish the looks that my guests are wanting. I love being able to see things from a different perspective and to find new creative ways to design looks. I have a passion for product knowledge and love to help my guests find a custom hair care system to help achieve their desired look.

Stylist, Lash & Hair Extension Artist

Taylor Graham

I love providing guests with a total look. Whether we use hair extensions, hair color or a new cut, I have the ability to bring the desired look to life! I enjoy learning the latest industry trends and using them to elevate my guest’s experience. I enjoy providing brow and lash services to take my guests’ total look to the next level.


Zoeie Gustoff

I am very passionate about coloring and styling services. I enjoy working with my guests and helping them achieve their desired color and look. I also love working with brides and bridal parties to customize styles for their special day. Having the ability to change the way people feel about their hair with a color or style drives me to continue to grow and thrive in this industry.


Cam Clausen

I strive to provide exceptional service that is customized to each guest. I enjoy creating new looks with cutting and coloring and I like to learn from industry leaders. As a health enthusiast, I try to focus on what the body needs to be its best version. I apply the same thought process to hair and consider the health of the hair to be of utmost importance. I love to educate myself on the latest trends and challenge myself to try new things to be able to continue to grow and thrive in this industry.


Hayleigh Kemp

My friends and family have inspired me to pursue a career in cosmetology. I have a passion for this industry and want to continue to evolve and take on new challenges. I love trying new things and stepping outside the box. I am excited to continue to grow personally and professionally and exceed expectations.


Taylor Kratch

I love learning new techniques and I am always inspired by industry leaders. This education allows me to create customized new looks for my guests, providing them with beautiful dimensional color. Personal growth is very important to me and it’s something I work at daily. This helps to motivate me to push myself and continue to grow and reach new goals.


Amanda Watters

My favorite part about this industry is being able to use my creativity in different ways to achieve looks that help my guests feel amazing. While creating customized looks, I really enjoy getting to know my guests on a personal level and providing them with a fun experience.

Massage Therapist, Reiki & TMJ Master

Brooke Wirtz

Massage therapy is my passion. I find that the power of touch and energy make way for healing and provide people with the comfort and balance to live life to the best of their abilities. I enjoy all aspects of massage and find it rewarding to tailor each guest experience to meet their needs. I am able to accomplish this by providing multiple specialized services such as Reiki, stone dancing, cupping, TMJ massage and dry brushing. I continue to strive to provide exceptional care to all guests and to help guide them on their personal wellness journey.

Esthetician, Massage Therapist & Hydrofacialist

Jessica Zigrang

As a skin care professional, I am able to educate my guests on what products they should use on their skin to achieve maximum results. Along with educating my guests on their at home routines, I love providing a variety of spa services to give them beautiful looking skin while offering a relaxing environment to unwind.

Esthetician, Hydrofacialist & Makeup Artist

Stormie Case


Kaitlyn Crawford